Saturday, March 24, 2012

Charles Dickens , Oscar Wilde and Dak on same page

.Thank you very much for the interest shown so far.

Coming soon posts on Dickens and his love fantasies inspired by Miriam Margoyles' Dickens' Women and the Queensland Theatre Company's interpretation of  Joanna Murray-Smith's Bombshells showcasing Christen O'Leary and directed by Wesley Enoch.

I am beginning to get a clear idea of what this blog is about. I am not a newspaper or magazine but more a diary posting reviews, think pieces, titbits and random thoughts.

I love a conversation so please feel free to email me.  Each Saturday morning on twitter I'll post Dak's Weekend Trivia and in most cases follow up during the week with a short ( all my postings will be on longer then 400 words) essay.

 My aim is to link On Centre Stage to my  twitter @Dak101 Kennedy and my radio broadcasts with Spencer Howson on 612ABC breakfast shows Friday mornings at 6.40am. I also have a creative side featured in Michael Burns Kennedy Tells Tales (blog) and Old Grim 1 (twitter).

 "One would have to have a heart of stone to read the death of Little Nell without dissolving into tears - of laughter," Oscar Wilde.

More to come.........

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