Monday, April 9, 2012

A Nest of Twitters: Strictly for the Birds

When I first heard of twitter I wondered if a tweet in capitals would be  a squawk, because that’s my typical reaction to the ridiculous.

The idea of sending a 140-character message seemed an absurd waste of time, and when a friend explained it was for fans to track celebrity, I switched off completely.

Now I have two twitter accounts, in addition to a couple of blogs, and having a ton of fun – as we used to say at school – tweeting instant one and two-liners.

I have what I call my straight twitter - @Dak101Kennedy – which compliments this OCS on-line diary – and my bent version, @OldGrim1, which indulges stupid flights of fancy.

I even cross-reference from time to time crediting @Dak as Dr Jekyll and @ Old Grim, who has more chips on his shoulder then a French fry fest, as Mr. Hyde.

Yes, I have joined the 140 million subscribers or so, who tweet somewhere in the region of 340 million micro messages daily, and I try to keep @Dak focused on the arts and entertainment scene in Brisbane and beyond.

(Twitter came onto the scene back in 2006 thanks to a chap called Jack Dorsey, so six years to catch up with the new technology isn’t bad. 
The motor car first appeared at the turn of the 20th century, but I didn’t catch up with that until the late 1970s) 

My @Dak twitter suits my OCS diary as they seem to work in tandem.

Sorry, I hate the words blog and bloggers  as they sound like someone being sucked into quick sand or, even worse, some sort of indescribable indecent act.

“He went blogging in the marshes you know and never came back,” springs to mind

 Or maybe.

“Society, quite rightly, believes blogging in public to be a heinous and unacceptable crime Mr. Kennedy. Guilty as charged.”

While I unashamedly use my twitter to promote OCS and my weekly visits to the 612ABC studios for theatre chats with leading breakfast host Spencer (Howson), at the ungodly hour of 640am, I also try to make them engaging and entertaining (with mixed success).

Some of my tweets have been floating in this weather-beaten head of mine for more than four decades, but, unfortunately, 140 character social networking allows subscribers to do little more than convey the message.

Sometimes, I feel as if I’d like to say more or, more often, explain why I’ve opted for some line or other, but it’s too difficult.

I avoid multi-messages – I’ve seem them on twitter and they tend to be broken up and confusing – so I work hard to keep my stuff tight.

The only exception is the Saturday Dak’s Weekend Trivia Tweet, where I opt for an intro, the tidbit, and a concluding appropriate sign-off tweet.

So I thought from time to time I’d indulgence myself – after all I have said this is a diary rather than an on-line paper or magazine – and regurgitate a handful of April tweets, complete with background notes.

So given that I haven’t get any competition from 140 million other OCS scribes - and in keeping with my brief to keep postings short – I am going to indulge myself in Nest of Tweets 2: The Birds are Back and They’re Pecking! Next post. A bird in a nest (courtesy of Fotosearch) hatching @OldGrim

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