Friday, June 29, 2012

Sir Hulway Barrack-Jones is coming to this site. Here's a picture of him in happier times. I have agreed to allow him to use this site to promote his new show The Universial Actor. Sir Hulway (pronounced Hallway) is the eternal actor  who has been with us for all time. He has a wealth of stories, a confidence much above his capabiltiities and the ability to comment on the past, present and future of our great industry without worrying too much about detail. His first theatrical outing was Calvary and his most recent included Hairspray. He says the simularities were striking. This will become his site in the new week, and thereafter, and he will offer a smorgasbord of offerings which he one day hopes to shape into something which sounds remotely intelligent. Between times he has agreed to comment on local productions in his own distinctive style.

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